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1925 Kissel Deluxe Four-Door Sedan Model 6-55

History of the 1925 Kissel Deluxe Four-Door Sedan

The 1925 Kissel Deluxe Four-Door Sedan Model 6-55 stands as a testament to the luxury and craftsmanship of the Kissel Motor Car Company. This renowned car manufacturer, headquartered in Hartford, Wisconsin, crafted exceptional vehicles from 1906 to 1931.

Among the company’s illustrious lineup, the Kissel Model 6-55 held a special place. Powered by a robust 4.9-liter six-cylinder engine, generating 70 horsepower, this model exuded power and performance. With a top speed of approximately 70 miles per hour and a swift 0 to 60 miles per hour acceleration in just 20 seconds, it showcased the engineering prowess of its era.

The allure of the Kissel deluxe 55 series extended beyond its performance, captivating enthusiasts with its opulent features and impeccable craftsmanship. Its steel body boasted both elegance and durability, while the interior enveloped passengers in luxurious, high-quality leather upholstery. Setting new standards in automotive innovation, this model incorporated advanced components such as hydraulic brakes, shock absorbers, and a four-speed transmission, solidifying its reputation as a symbol of sophistication.

1925 Kissel Deluxe: The Collector’s Item

Today, the Kissel Model 6-55 has rightfully earned its status as a rare and coveted collector’s item. The surviving examples are few and far between, with only a handful of these extraordinary vehicles known to exist. This scarcity, coupled with its storied history and exquisite design, elevates its desirability among vintage car enthusiasts, who actively seek out these prized gems to preserve and showcase their automotive heritage.

The 1925 Kissel Deluxe Four-Door Sedan Model 6-55 serves as a tangible link to an era of automotive excellence. Its enduring allure and timeless appeal make it a cherished piece of automotive history, honoring the legacy of the Kissel Motor Car Company and delighting those fortunate enough to experience its grace and elegance firsthand.

Our 1925 Kissel Deluxe Four-Door Sedan

This 1925 Kissel was located in North Carolina in 2017. Although the early history of this Kissel is lost, the car is complete. It appears to have been repainted within the last two decades. The 6-55 engine is correct, but it has an added Hudson Motors intake manifold preheated device.

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